Sunday, February 24, 2019

Food, one of my favourite things. Actually its my three most favourite things. It has changed dramatically over the decades. Yes, I sad decades. Boo to time.
None-the-less, we all have tastes that draw us to the breakfast, lunch, and dinner table.
When younger I stuck to the three food groups: pergoies, pasta, and ice-cream. They indeed hit the spot. As time passed I changed to pasta, onions, and perogies. Better, but still needing refining.
Asian influences moved me to a somewhat healthier diet, and spicy food. I still adore the power of peppers.
I still have a favourite. Shin Ramen noodles with what I call my personal touch. Let’s stick to that because I’ve never come across the simple dish in a restaurant. Yup, I searched online. It shows up on a list half-way down the page. Let’s call that rare. It tastes amazing.
However, they don’t…well, sit well with me. Thank you curry and ginger. They are amazing in small quantities. Just about any curry dish puts a smile on my face. Yum.

Of course, it doesn’t compare to ginger. As a person raised in Alberta it is perhaps surprising that I am usually not a fan of beef. A trip to South-East Asia introduced me to my (currently) number one food. Crispy fried ginger beef. Crunchy goodness through and through. I have it about once a week. I shouldn’t, but I do.
We make our way to the Caribbean soon. Might I find a new favourite dish there?

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