Friday, September 6, 2019

What is a Beta Reader?

Are you a Beta Reader?

Do you need a Beta Reader?

 The key helpers for any author are Beta Readers. They provide valuable input once the book is done but not yet published. There is often confusion about what any readers do. 

What is an Alpha Reader and what is a Beta Reader?

Alpha is first (reader.) That is the author. Alpha readers may also include a critique/challenge team. 


Beta means "second". 

A Beta reader is a "reader" first of all - a person who looks at your book the way your targeted audience will. They give you feedback on what works, doesn't work... and possibly typos and spelling although that is NOT their primary function.

What to look for in a Beta Reader

  • a person who reads a lot and has time
  • a person who reads your genre
  • a person who knows NOTHING about your story (fresh eyes)
  • a person who will be honest for specific reasons (not nasty comments**)


    How to educate your Beta readers

    1. Give them a copy of this article.

      1. How to give constructive criticism.”
    2. Give them a specific list of questions you want them to answer.

    3. Suggest they read the list and then set it aside while they read the book.


       ? ASK

  • what they liked about the first pages, the characters, the plot
  • if they found the story believable - if not, where
  • where they laughed, cried, admired the character's actions
  • if they were annoyed with how the character acted at any point
  • if they were drawn to read the book all in one sitting

...and others in this vein.

More Questions to ask your Beta Readers can be found at this site:  

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