Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Seduction of Parodies by Diane Scott Lewis

Parodies are fun to create, and in Ladies and Their Lovers, two are combined in one book. First, the Shades of Grey torrent that swept the nation gave me an idea. Since most my novels and research are set in the eighteenth century, I decided to write a "grey" novel set in that time period. Miss Grey's Shady Lover. I used my research, and sense of the ridiculous to create the maid and master trope, but threw in erotica and a Libidinous Lord to entice my naïve heroine, Miss Grey. It is a short piece. But put with my romance parody, The Defiant Lady Pencavel, this double parody became Ladies and Their Lovers.

In a parody you're free to write silly situations, absurd dialogue, and hopefully your reader will get the implications and laugh along with you. In Miss Grey's Shady Lover I threw in modern exclamations and 'lines' to stir up the absurd. Yet tried to keep the idea of the eighteenth century limitation going. But your imagination can run free to enhance the farce.Here's a blurb:  In this erotic, tongue-in-cheek parody of the bestselling novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, Anya Grey enters service at Pretentious Hall in the eighteenth century. She meets brooding, dangerous, but strikingly handsome, Lord Libidinous who soon involves her in a sultry, sexual relationship to soothe his damaged soul. Prepare to laugh, and sigh, at their sexy, hilarious and explicitly steamy, antics.ReviewDiane Scott Lewis has crafted a witty, short parody (Miss Grey's Shady Lover) that made me titter at the author's pointed euphemisms and veiled sexual overtones. The characterization of Anya and Libidinous is spot-on for the time period. What an amusing romp ensues as this tale unfolds!              ~ Angie Just Read for The Romance Reviews

Blurb: The Defiant Lady Pencavel. In 1796, Lady Melwyn Pencavel has been betrothed to Griffin Lambrick since she was a child—and s
she hasn’t seen him since. Now almost one and twenty, she defies being forced into an arranged marriage. 
She aspires to be an archeologist and travel to Italy during the upheaval of the Napoleonic Wars.  
Griffin Lambrick, Viscount of Merther, resents these forced nuptials as well, as he desires no simpering 
bride and wants no one in his nefarious business. For the thrill of it, he smuggles artifacts from Italy at 
his Cornish estate. Two reckless and stubborn people will meet—with chaos and humor—in this romantic
satire, and face their fears.
Review: "Fans of the English-style romance will have to put aside expectations and let 
themselves enjoy some silliness here - a worthwhile read (and nice change of pace)."
 ~ Long and Short Reviews 

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  1. Parodies are fun to read as long as you can keep your tongue in your cheek. Cleverly done

  2. Thanks, Janet! I enjoyed writing them.


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