Tuesday, February 16, 2021

All the Little Chores - Janet Lane Walters @BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Affinities Series #series blurbs


All the Little Chores


Sometimes I forget when I’m writing about all those little chores that seem to creep in. I’m not talking about housework since long ago I relegated that to the status of hobby. A hobby is something you do when you have time. That’s my take.


The little chores that appeared these weeks seem not so much but they had me raking my mind for ideas. Writing blurbs for series. Unfortunately I have a lot some venues seem to consider series. There are eight listed as series. So I began. The first four were fairly easy. It’s the last four I’m struggling with but I will conquer them soon. The covers are for books in the series I’ve done.


Then came another little chore that was to me rather massive. Four of my books are going into a second edition with new covers and under my name rather than J. L. Walters. Sincethese books have been edited before, I thought this would be easy. And it was, sort of. I seemed to have had a questionmark problem. I lost count of the number of question marks omitted in the four books. I’m sure the numbers hit the hundreds. This seems to be a recurring problem with me and one I really must learn to remember how to end a question.


The chores haven’t finished yet but one day, I’ll have them all put aside and will be able to focus on the new story. Hopefully by the time this goes live I’ll be finished.

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  1. Good subject Janet! Yes, we have lots of writing "chores!" It's hard to write blurbs...I'm better at writing them for other people's books! I have LOTS of question marks in my books too....especially mysteries, but I guess that's part of a good detective's job?

  2. As writers, we all have little idiosyncrasies. Each time I revise a book to be "republished" I find a million little things to improve. As for writing blurbs, sometimes they come easy, and other times I struggle. But it's all part of writing and I feel lucky to be doing the thing I love the most... write fiction.

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  4. Oh those idiosyncrasies... mine was the word 'look.' Looking 😋 forward to your next book, Janet!


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