Sunday, March 28, 2021

Indoor Dining and Other Joyous Occasions by Connie Vines

We have all been social distancing, staying home, and donning masks for the past year to prevent infection. Depending on the size of your "social bubble" (usually, immediate family members), you are able to interact with others. The vaccine availability seems to have lessened stress levels of many, and for that, I am grateful. 

However, here in southern California, we have been "closed" for almost and entire year. 

Historic Downtown Upland

Even outdoor dining was only a very recent and not very frequent option.

Being an Introvert by nature, and a writer with two dogs for company, life hasn't been intolerable for me. However, the days and weeks seem to blend into one another. 

And, while my dogs were able to visit the groomer--I was not.

I am not very good at do-it-your-self hair cuts. Still, I am ambidexterous, so my nails are presentable. (Not a good trade-off, but it is what it is.)

When we were given the okay for indoor dining, I realized I have not sat inside a restaurant since Jan. 2020. 


My favorite restaurant (Souplantation) is shuttered for good.

This gave me a chance to re-define 2021 with a tentative baby-step.  Nothing profound, mind you, but a step back into normalcy.

I do love coffee but I also enjoy a cup of Earl Grey tea every afternoon, I realized, pondering a place to dine.

I visited my hairstylist.

I was able to make a reservation at a 'newly relocated'  English Tea Room.

The Magnolia Tea Room is only 6 miles from my home. It's also located in the Downtown Historical District in Upland, California. 

I thought I'd share my joyous occasion and '1st 2021 Adventure' with you :-).

The Outdoor Garden

The Afternoon Tea setting

The scone was delicious (I didn't snap a picture)

The Ladies' Room

Terry, "Me" and Michael (notice my lovely hairdo)
 All vegetables and fruit are harvested from one of their two local farms.
Farm to Table is their motto.
I brought home a jar of  'honey with a touch of lavender', too!

After I click the 'publish' button for this post, I'm back at my keyboard with a pup in my lap and a cup of hot tea within reach. 

Happy Reading! (remember to mention a favorite tea in any comment you leave for me.)

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  1. We used to go out to eat every Wednesday evening meaning I didn't ahve to cook. Though we can now eat in restaurants with reservations, haven't done this yet. Wedensday we order in from our favorite local spots. Been lucky, none have closed and at least one new opened. Keep writing.

  2. Thanks, Terry, for sharing this experience. This looks like a beautiful place. I chuckled at the bathtub in the ladies' room but noticed there were no faucets on it. Anyhoo, I have been known to appreciate a cup of tea on occasion, although my tastes have switched from Earl Grey to Chai. Wishing you a happy return to normal this year.

  3. That looks like a perfect tearoom! Thanks for your story and great pictures, Connie. My daughter lives in southern California, so I must look it up on my next trip out. Care to join me?
    PS Your self cut hair looks WAY better than mine!!!

  4. It has definitely been an unusual year and your comments about indoor eating are probably one of the core issues we've had. I never ate out alot, but did enjoy going to a restaurant and being waited on, not having to wash dishes, etc. Going to a tea room or other unique luncheon place is something I also used to do while traveling. Hopefully we can all do that again soon. Thanks for sharing your experiences.


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