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Off With The Old and On With the New - Janet Lane Walters #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Haunted Dreams #Incal #Books


Off With The Old – On With The New



Was going to paste the new cover for Haunted Dreams Book 7 of the MoonChild series but I have no clue as to how to do this? Some day before I grow too old to learn new things I’ll master the challenge.


I am into the final typing and adding all the things I forgot to put in during the other drafts. This can be a slow process but I’m half finished. Another week or two and the book will be ready to be send off to the editor. So, it’s off with the old and on to the new.


I write all my drafts by hand but I have what I call writing drafts and reading drafts. The reading drafts look at several things, settings, characters, plot lines and finally language. I end up after each go through with more written comments on the printed pages than typed words. That is an exaggeration but there are always a lot. The final read through may have me making notes to re-write scenes for flow but I enjoy doing this.Then comes the final type. I don’t go in and make the changes in the printed copy but carefully type each word. When I try just adding them in without this retyping process, often they interrupt the flow of the story. This is where I am with Haunted Dreams scheduled for June and I will have it to the editor well before that date.


Now it’s on to the new. Since I’m in typing mode, now, I’ve just finished the planning for Incal, Book 4 of the Moon Rising series. For a month, I’ve been carrying the characters for this quest kind of story when I go to sleep and the pattern of the book has come into being. I am ready to begin the rough draft. I’m rather an odd duct when writing since I have writing drafts done with pen and paper, typing drafts when I type these in and print the pages and reading drafts when I read and put in notes for revisions and re-writing. These drafts are alternated until I finish the book.


Perhaps this is slow but that’s the way I work. I do love the rough drafts but I also enjoy doing the other drafts and hopefully by the time I’ve finished I’ll have tied up all the loose ends and made the story sing.

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  1. Interesting process, Janet. I type my drafts, print them, then write all over them in red ink. Then I edit the original on my computer. Then it goes to my critique group one chapter at a time and I rewrite each chapter according to their suggestions (if I agree with them). Then it goes to a Beta reader, then I rewrite again. My favorite part is when the complete draft has been rewritten several times, and I get to enjoy going over it, line by line, word by word, and polish it until it shines.

  2. I, too, hand-write my drafts, character and plot development. I write in pencil, double spaced, and I never erase changes. Rather, I cross out the word/s I don't want and pencil in the changes underneath. Thanks for sharing.


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