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Unicorns in the Middle Ages by S.L. Carlson


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People may wonder why an adult would write about unicorns. After all, aren’t unicorns today associated with rainbows, flowers, wishes, and puffy-white clouds? Yes… that is, for little girls. I’m no longer little; although, I must admit that I do appreciate all of the above relations.


In the Middle Ages, unicorns were associated with virgins, since only innocent young maidens were capable of approaching the allusive animals. Well…er…(pointing to wedding ring). I’m married. But I am also sweet and (cough) innocent, so why wouldn’t unicorns want to come to me. Why?





So what comes to mind when you hear the words War Unicorn? (Take a moment.)


I thought of this combination years ago during a challenge at a writers’ conference. We were asked to think of two opposing words, then develop a synopsis or short story using them. And that, my friends, was the very beginning of my 4-book series The War Unicorn Chronicles.


In the beginning book, War Unicorn: The Ring, a young apple farmer finds a magical ring containing a unicorn. Their relationship begins rocky, to say the least. One, a peaceful farm boy, and the other a 300-year-old war veteran. But after four books, the two are still together, so you can figure out what their connection is by reading the series.


Enjoy your fantasies.


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  1. What I thought when I heard War Unicorn was intriguing. Keep writing

    1. Thank you, Janet. This pandemic’s been wicked, but my intention is as you suggest: Keep writing.


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