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Why Don't You Ever Talk About Yourself? (Don't Ask Me About Me) By Connie Vines #BWLPublishingInc., #Author Interview, #Live From Southern California

During the Spring, I attended a local event for readers/writers.

Many attendees remembered me, to my surprise or dismay (depending on the questions 😉 tossed my way).

(I've been active in Young Authors, a guest speaker at local schools, and participated as a reader in middle school classes to promote the joy of reading to reluctant readers, and Frybread cook at Title IX and X school events). 

I was prepared. I had my speech. I had props, handouts, and links to websites to assist them. 

I've never been comfortable speaking before a group, but I can 'appear' at ease.

(video is licensed by Canva to the author. @connievines-author/ do not copy/reproduce)


It was not what I expected 😮.

What were the most asked questions? #1 "Why don't you ever talk about yourself?"

I know I had that look. (most likely the same expression I had in my Algebra class when called upon). Why? Because I talk about myself all the time. I have an ongoing saga about my dogs' adventures (gummy girl 🐩 and bee-sting 😢boy). I blog, do social media, explain my research... 

Personal Photograph @connievines-author

Nope, they weren't buying it.

They wanted to get personal. 📷 🎤


How personal?

Enthusiastic voices:

"What's your favorite TV show?" 

"Whatever happened to Justine?"

"What's your favorite movie/ who is your favorite movie star?"

"Do you listen to...(someone I'd never heard of)?"

"Do you still make Frybread?"

I rebounded. 

Sort of.

At the moment, I'm streaming "Dark Winds." (I don't recall what I was watching then).

Justine was my greyhound (but everyone thought she was my daughter), the fashionista, and the mischief maker/couch potato/self-proclaimed tether ball champion.  ðŸ˜Ž

Eventually, I was able to steer the interview back to the craft of writing and the pros and cons of joining a critique versus a plotting group. As well as goal setting and deciding upon a daily word count.


Author Licensed by Canva. Do not copy/reproduce.

What did I learn?

To be me. I have a great time with written interviews! I am semi-comfortable with podcasts, too.

While I am at ease with children and young adults, I must be more relaxed with my peers.

Tips for Authors:

Make your answers fun!

Let your personality shine through, tell stories, and show us your geeky/nerdy/weird side. It will turn us from passive observers into raving fans.

Being caught off guard is now the norm. 

Embrace the chaos!!

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Happy Reading,


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  1. They wanted to know the person behind the book. That's actually great...and scary LOL

  2. Great post. The things others ask at boog signings always takes me aback

  3. Great insight into public appearances, and great advice. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sounds like you did great. thanks for sharing.


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