Monday, October 24, 2022

The Scariest Night of the Year by Joan Donaldson-Yarmey









It is Hallowe’en evening

The scariest night of the year.

My friends and I are trick or treating

When suddenly we hear.


A screech and a shriek

And out of the sky

A witch on a broom dives

At my friends and I.


We duck and we scatter

Consumed with great fear

For it is Hallowe’en evening

The scariest night of the year.


“Don’t be afraid” she cackles.

“I’ve only come to see

If you want to go flying

On my broom with me.”


We stare at the witch

Not sure what to do

Her hat is all black

And her dress is, too.


Her nose is hooked down

With a wart on the tip

But there’s a gleam in her eyes

And a smile on her lips.


“Don’t be afraid,” she says

When we still hesitate

“My name is Kathy

And I don’t have time to wait.”


We look at each other

Then without any frowns

We nod and we grin

And jump up and down.


“How will we fit?”

I ask skeptically

For the broom is too short

To hold us all perfectly.


“Just hop aboard,” she crows.

“And you will see.

Climb one at a time.

Right up behind me.”


We all leap on easily

There is plenty of room

For the handle grows longer.

It is a magical broom.


When we are all settled

She gives a laugh and a hoot

And up into the sky

All of us swoop.


We zig through the buildings

Of the lighted downtown

We zoom up the Whitemud

And then back on down.


We stop at Fort Edmonton Park

An historic place that is so vast

The board sidewalks, the steam train

The covered wagons of the past.


There is a Ferris wheel

And a merry-go-round

With lots of pretty horses

Going up and down.


Kathy calls out with delight

“On to West Edmonton Mall.”

And with cheers and shouts

We whizz through the halls.


The stores are all decorated

The children dressed in creepy gear

For it is Hallowe’en evening

The scariest night of the year.


We streak through the night

Down to the Edmonton zoo

To see the zebras and lemurs

And the pelicans, too.


But instead of the tigers

The camels and gibbons.

There are zombies and ghouls

And skeletons and goblins


They stretch and they reach

They lunge and they grasp

Trying to catch the broom

While my friends and I gasp.


But Kathy the Witch

Laughs out with glee

As we dodge and we dart

And get ready to flee.


“Come back, come back,”

One of the ghouls bellows.

“Yes,” pleads a skeleton.

“We are really nice fellows.”


Kathy turns the broom

As we cringe in fear.

For it is Hallowe’en evening

The scariest night of the year.


“Ah, ha,” yells the goblin

And as we fly by

He scrambles to reach us

But Kathy stays too high.


“Nice try,” she chortles

And she waves goodbye

As we fly safely away

We all give a sigh.


“Where are we going now?”

I ask, looking around.

Then I see we are arriving

At our favourite playground.


My friends and I laugh

As we dip and we glide

Through the net climbers

And backwards up the slide.


We loop de loop

Holding on tight

Zagging through the swings

As we enjoy the night.


“On to your school,” Kathy calls

And we head on our way.

Flying to the building

Where we spend our days.


The doors swing open

Letting us in

We swoop down the hallway

Making a din.


Our teachers jump sideways

As we draw near

For it is Hallowe’en evening

The scariest night of the year.


The flight finally ends

Kathy the Witch slows her broom

We all climb off easily

For there is plenty of room.


“Good night, my dear children.

It sure has been fun.

But I have to go now

It’s time that I run.”


“Thank you,” we call

As she flies out of sight.

We look at each other.

Wow, what a flight!


But our bags are empty

So to a house we scurry

All yelling trick or treat

We really have to hurry.


Someone opens the door

Their face full of fear

For it is Hallowe’en evening

The scariest night of the year.


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