Sunday, March 26, 2023

Building a story—Tricia McGill.

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It never ceases to surprise and amaze me, how my characters take over and make the decision over what will happen next. As sometimes happens, I get a short way into my story and realise one day that I am not happy where it is going, and even consider scrapping it and starting afresh. This unfortunate happening occurred to me a couple of weeks ago. I usually wake up one morning bright and early with at least a skeleton of an idea where to take my characters next, but sadly this was not to be this time. Everyday problems in our life crop up sometimes and annoyingly intrude on our ability to think straight.

Thank goodness for those characters buzzing around in our heads, not so much nagging us where to take them next but hinting that we at least need to give them the chance to get cracking. The moment I sat here at my computer and began typing everything took off, seemingly of its own accord and what happened in front of me next was that events that I had not even considered adding unfolded there before me on the screen.

I have always credited my Muse with assisting me in my writing as I am the first to admit that I am no Jane Austin or Emily Bronte, but simply a writer who likes telling stories. So now I have to wait and see where I will be taken next by this bunch of characters I created. 

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  1. The more you define your characters, the more likely they are to take you to unexpected places. That's why I plot my novels loosely, because my characters do not like plot line constraints. They like to improvise, and when they do, they breathe new life in my stories. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Actually once I nail my characters, when I'm writing I become each and every oen. This has scared my family at times since they aren't sure if I'm me or someone else.

  3. Have fun with your new characters!


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