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New Releases from BWL Publishing September 1, 2023

 Discarded from BWL Author Nancy M. Bell

When the British arrived in Winnipeg in the 1800s it was convenient for the men to take Metis wives. They were called a la vacon du pays – according to the custom of the country. These women bore the brunt of ensuring survival in the harsh environment. Without them the British army and fur traders would not have survived the brutal winters.


However, as society evolved it became accepted that wives must be white, schooled in British ways, fashionable in the European sense and married by the Anglican church. The Metis wives and their 'country born' offspring were thrown out and forced to fend for themselves. The unrepentant husbands continued to live comfortably with their 'new' wives.


It was inevitable that some discarded wives did not accept their fate quietly and hard feelings on both sides were unavoidable. When the bodies of two discarded Metis wives, Marguerite and Marie-Anne, are found floating in the Red River, Guilliame Mousseau, sets out to get to the bottom of his sister Margueite's murder.

Who Buried Sarah from BWL Author Eden Monroe

Who Buried Sarah

Sarah, the only daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Cranston Estey, was betrothed to Connor McLagen of the wealthy Rothesay McLagens. The ring was in place and the wedding date set when Sarah changed her mind. A day later she disappeared.
Her note said please don’t try to find me, but a detective turned up several sightings of the cold-footed bride-to-be in various parts of the province.
And then Sarah was found, buried in a rose garden.
All eyes turned to the jilted fiancé, but he was the first to be cleared of any wrongdoing. And the real killer laughed.

Demon Riders from BWL Author Paul Sinor

A gang of motorcyclist rob two banks in a small town within hours and escape to hide in an abandoned town.  A National Guard unit is on a training exercise in the area and thinks the robbers are an aggressor force in the exercise until live rounds wound one of the Soldiers. It then becomes blanks, artillery simulators, handmade explosives and tactics against live rounds.  An over-zealous FBI agent working the bank robbery doesn’t help. There are no Purple Hearts in this war, just murder, confusion, jealousy and gut-wrenching bravery.

Editorial Review:

Paul Sinor is uniquely qualified to tell this intriguing story of bikers, cops and the National Guard. A police procedural that will definitely keep you turning the pages.  James O. Born, New York Times Bestseller 


The Palimpsest Murders from BWL Author Reed Stirling 

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Day one: check-in on the Iphigenia, a Boat & Bike home for thirty guests of diverse backgrounds on a one week excursion through Holland and Belgium. Personalities clash, conflicts arise.

Day seven: a body is found in canal waters at the stern of the boat. On the final morning a second body is discovered.

Who among the cyclists and crew is hateful and motivated enough to kill? Twice. How are the two murders related? Why two coins for the ferryman? Is the phoenix jug, both admired and derided, merely symbolic? How does the death mask of Agamemnon lead to resolution?

Determining truth entails travelling from Amsterdam to Bruges to Paris to the ancient site of Mycenae in Greece where what’s past is shown to be prologue.

The Witch Wars from BWL Author Gail Roughton

Ariel Anson thinks she has her life in order.  She’s young, smart, and beautiful, even she doesn’t believe the beautiful part. She’s a paralegal with a great career and a fiancĂ© who’s a CPA. You just can’t get any steadier than that.

 * * * * *

Then she meets private investigator, bounty hunter, process server Chad Garrett. What does War-N-Wit, Inc. stand for anyway? Warlock and Witch? For real? Oh, yes! For real. Now every day is full of strange powers, secret societies, clandestine agencies, and out-of-this-world adventure. Her life as she knows it is over!

Editorial Reviews - from the novellas - with multiple five star reviews 

Being new to the author, I was stunned at how well her characters, Chad and Ariel were developed. How could she write so well and I had never heard of her? Ms Roughton's talent will take these characters into so many novels with action while deepening their romantic attachment. I fell in love with their "love affair". J. Boyd

Gail Roughton does it again, this story is packed with action, romance and comdy. I enjoyed it so much I didnt want it to end. I highly recomend it to anyone. I hope theres more. UK Reader

The Witch was my introduction to the wonderful stories by Gail Roughton & since then have read everything she has written and can't get enough. I could NOT wait for The Coven (book #3 in the War N Wit series) and was just delighted. I am not sure how she does it but I love a story that can't fit into any one genre...there is definite chemistry, romance, suspense and don't forget about the humor, magic & sassy dialog. It all works together and the end result is pure mind candy and a satisfying story. The Coven had plenty of the twists, turns and surprises that I have come to love. I know nothing (& I mean nothing) about bikers & brotherhood and got into this right away with the well written details and felt I was right there in the thick of things. The magic just works and works well, very subtle and believable, never over the top. Ariel, Chad, Stacy & Spike are just wonderfully fun, smart & quirky, Jack and his band of brothers...terrific...AND Micah....I adore Micah! Cool ending in this one, in for a surprise.

My finger is anxiously twitching to hit the once click buy button to see what she writes next!  Another Winner - Amazon reader

Resurrection is the second book of the War N Wit series. Chad and Ariel meet and marry in the first book, The Witch. Resurrection picks up immediately after The Witch, which I loved, because when I finished The Witch, I immediately bought Resurrection. In Resurrection, Ariel learns new magical skills and strengthens her magical connection to Chad. There is plenty of magic in the book with Micah the cat, a golem, a glamour, a magical amulet and a counsel who "polices" the magical world. Ariel's new magical talent, mind dominance in expanded into the plot and creates an exciting ending.

Some new characters are included in Resurrection and Ms. Roughton gives us more details on Chad and Ariel. I love the fact that Ariel and Chad's characters can go in so many directions. I expect many more adventures with this couple, but will admit that their romantic relationship and their mutual magical skills are enough entertainment alone. The Witch and Resurrection are my two favorite books of all time and I have read thousands of books.

The book takes place in Savannah, Georgia and south Georgia. Romance, Suspense and Magic....oh my. Amazon reader


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