Saturday, October 28, 2023

My Not Too Scary Halloween Tips By Connie Vines #Halloween Romance, #Halloween Games, #Zombie RomCom

A Halloween Celebration Doesn't Need to be Too Scary!

Even though I write paranormal romance, I can't watch scary movies.

My Halloween shows are "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" and "Practical Magic" (though parts of the movie have me covering my eyes.

For this reason, my paranormal stories (adult and YA) have a lighter/comic voice. 

Here's a short promo video of my Zombie Romance to jump-start your Halloween Celebrations.


Now, on to the Halloween Party Games:

 Zombies Rising

Designate one partygoer to be the zombie hunter. Everyone else is down on the ground. The zombie hunter has to keep an eye on all the undead. You can move when they’re not looking at you — but if they are, you have to be motionless. The goal is to stand all the way up and be the first to reach the zombie hunter so you can get them before they get you.

Guess the Villain

Write the names of horror movie villains on cards. When each guest arrives, tape one of the cards to their forehead and make sure they don’t see what it says! The first guest who guesses their villain wins.

Horror Charades

Take regular charades, but make it spooky. Horror-themed categories only!

Of Course, it's Never a Party without Food!

This year, I'm making Pull-a-PartTurkey Sliders served on Hawaiian Rolls. However, since it is a new (and untried) recipe, I'm not sharing my secrets 😉 

Please post your favorite Autumn/Fall recipes and/or epic menu fails.

Has anyone else tried to make pumpkin pie fudge?? 

Happy Halloween, my little Candy Apple and Pumpkin Pie Eaters...

See you next month. 🎃🍎🍫🍬


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  1. Interesting thoughts for ways to celebrate Halloween

  2. Great ideas. I don't like scary movies as much as I did in my youth. Give me superheroes anytime. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I like the Zombies Rising one. It's like a Statues game I used to play. Pumpkin Pie Fudge--yes, but the recipe I originally used had too much liquid, so that ended as ice cream sauce. Now I cut the liquid way down and it works!


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