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New Year's Resolutions by J. S. Marlo



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This is the beginning of a New Year, which brings to mind "New Year's Resolutions". Nearly 40% of the people make New Year's resolutions, but less than 10% of them follow then through. Most resolutions fail within 2-3 months.

So, what are five most popular resolutions for 2024: Improve fitness, improve finances, improve mental health, lose weight, and improve diet. 

Yes, I could work on some of them, but then I also know from experience that I would fall into the 90% category who fails to keep them.

Instead I count my blessings. A loving husband, wonderful children & grandchildren, a new little one due in 2024, relatively good health, and a body which most days can still keep up with oldest granddaughter (though not as gracefully as it once could).

Resolutions would make good premises for a story. While I was browsing for ideas, I stumbled onto some unusual, fun, and even bizarre ones. Here are a few:

- Order every drink on the Starbuck menu

- Wash bra more often

- Always leave 1 potato chip in bag

- Make a new friend a month

- Try a new food every week

- Work "Time will tell" into conversation at least once a week

- Stay in the bathroom while brushing teeth...

I could probably work on some of them too LOL

Enjoy winter! Hugs,

J. S.


  1. I never make resolutions. Then I do not have to break them or ignore them. I've enjoyed your stories,

  2. I don't make New Year resolutions either. Most are unrealistic anyway. I try to do better each day, and it's working for me. Wishing you a fantastic year ahead. Thanks for sharing.


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