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Twice Hungover. 1000 Words a Day by Vanessa C. Hawkins



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    So tonight I am hosting a workshop called Ink and Intimacy through the Writer's Federation of New Brunswick. I'm pretty pumped. To keep everything PG however, I won't say much about it, other than it should be a fun time. Sometimes I wonder if workshops are the writing equivalent to Onlyfans. I guess they sound better on a resume than username SexyNess699. 

I do like holding workshops. I've two this week, as well as a radio interview, a book club, a writer's retreat and a reading. I'm not sure how I am still able to string together words, but I'm getting by. I've also committed to writing 1000 words a day until my next book: Twice Hung, is finished. 

 See it? Isn't it a spiffy cover? I've not talked about it much, mostly because I am still in the process of writing it, but now that its nearing completion I figure throwing a hint or two each month isn't a bad idea. 

If you haven't heard, Books We Love Publishing has been releasing their Canadian Historical Mysteries for the past several months. This is my contribution, or... it will be, once I'm finished with it. Since this is a bit out of my typical genre, it's been challenging at times, but I am really starting to enjoy it. I find a glass of wine or two really helps to lubricate my writing prowess, though I do have to be careful that I'm not 'Twice Hungover' once its completed. 

Has anyone else ever written something out of their comfort zone? If so, I'd love to hear about it.     


  1. Writing out of a comfort zone has been fun for me and has often started a new direction in my writing. The one thing i haven't tried is horror, though I once had an idea for a vampire story but could never go beyond my heroine falling in love with the guy because he was so cold. Her place of residence was in thehot desert.

  2. Canadian mysteries sound fun. When I started writing, there was no romance in my books. But after meeting romance writers who asked me to write shorts for romance anthologies, I overcame my discomfort. Now, I have romantic elements in all my novels, whether historical, contemporary, or science fiction. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I've written a few horror short stories that stemmed from dreams (yes, the playground in my mind never sleeps). The stories were so horrific that even my partner gave me the 'there's-something-wrong-with-you' look.


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