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While You Were Reading (Behind the Curtain AKA an Author's Life) By Connie Vines #insider Author Blog,


Those Who Watched Murder She Wrote (television),  As Good As It Gets (1997 movie), or Misery (1990)

Discovered how exciting, unpredictable, and dangerous an author's life can be.




I must confess that after an all-night writing binge, I do resemble Jack Nickleson's portrayal of an obsessive-compulsive author: wild-eyed, questionable hairstyle, and talking semi-coherently to myself. 

I have also inadvertently sat on one of my pups, who claimed my seat when I refilled my mug with coffee. Thus, a snarling match was triggered to save me, which resulted in my baptism with semi-hot coffee. 

I encountered a "fan" during a meet-the-author event. She was upset when I asked her name and touched her book. I then proceeded to explain how a book signing event worked. It was touch-and-go for a few seconds but ended well for me. I learned later she'd purchased a second book. (I was autographing paperback copies. And yes, I'd have given her the second book if I'd known she'd desired a pristine copy.)

How does the author's life relate to the story?

When authors write, they are influenced by their past. Gender, race, and socioeconomic status also significantly impact their writing. Therefore, the more you know about the author, the better you can understand the messages central to their work.

We write what we know. 
We write about personal issues that happen in our lives. Everything an author has encountered, from personal relationships to world events, can influence how they present a story.
Questions for the reader:
📌Are your favorite authors like you? Or, are their stories completely opposite to what is familiar?
📌Do you prefer a particular genre? Or will you cross into different genres with your favorite author?
📌Have you ever attended an in-person/ online author event?
📌And lastly, when and where is your favorite time and place to read?
I read in the late afternoon, before dinner time.  I'm seated on the living room sofa, snuggled under an afghan in winter, with a snoring pup beneath each elbow.

Happy Reading,

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  1. I love author events - meeting 'fans' and making friends with new ones is both exhilarating and humbling.


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