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1908: Regina, Saskatchewan, the railroad hub of the prairies, is booming. The foxtrot is the latest craze hitting the dance halls, and silent movies are all the rage. But it’s the newest fad, séances, that intrigues Myrtle Vanhoff.

Myrtle is tired of the constraints put on her by her father, Reginald Vanhoff, a lumber baron, and her mother, Amelia. Her mother is determined to make her and her daughter’s mark on Regina’s burgeoning social scene. But Myrtle has other ideas. On a lark, the rebellious young woman convinces her twin brother, Leopold, to attend Madame Scarlatta’s notorious séances. They find more than restless spirits. Someone murders a bereaved patron while everyone at the table is holding hands. Myrtle and Leopold are determined to find out who and how. A Regina police sergeant is appalled at Myrtle’s unladylike interest in the murders. But Jonathan Chapman of the Royal North-West Mounted Police is intrigued. Jonathan joins Myrtle and Leopold in their search for the murderer. When Myrtle gets too close to the truth, the murderer targets her as the next victim.

In this suspenseful Canadian thriller, Lance, a once successful rock and roll musician turned vigilante killer, has never denied his guilt…but knows now he could've handled things differently.


With dwindling hope after two years in prison – and three life sentences ahead of him – the BC guitarist seizes his one opportunity for a life out of chains. With the help of loyal friends – straight-laced Reg and ex-druggie Jenny – Lance busts out of the Vancouver prison and begins his cross country journey with Jenny to New York City, where her street-wise Uncle Dusty will provide a safe hiding place, fake IDs, and a plan to get across the Mexican border.


However, it isn’t long before Jenny’s bad habits resurface, bringing heat on them both. They lose Dusty as an ally, and in a strange country with Feds and gangsters on his tail, Lance is forced to lead the rapidly deteriorating journey south. As danger mounts, Lance realizes the bitter truth: that freedom, whether he deserves it or not, might always be out of his reach.



Shunned by his kind and expelled from the dragon isle, Medraut is forced to shed his wings and take on human form to live amongst the people of the mainland. His problem? There are slayers, sworn to kill all dragons.

Brial has one chance to stop the fever ravaging her kin, but her healer powers have not yet awakened. To have the future she desires, she must survive the fever, raiders, and most of all, Medraut’s dragon ability to control minds.

Karst, son of the head slayer, was disowned and sent on an impossible quest to kill a dragon. Rather than return to his village and be subjected to the deadly justice of the Goddess, he made himself a home in the trading wagons of Clan Vreis. His newfound happiness is threatened when the caravan stops to help an injured man lying in the caravan’s path.

Three men and a dragon desire the same woman. One wants her for power, one for her beauty, and one for love. The dragon just wants her.

The motion picture, Retribution, could be the big break Alexandra Martel has been waiting for. A Canadian movie star and strong female lead, even greater success may be within reach. But she also envies her married sisters, and has been hoping to meet her own soulmate.

Dr. Beau Remington, handsome male lead is the hometown veterinarian. He’s been contracted by motion picture execs to be on set when animals are called for, so when he and Alexandra eventually cross paths there is undeniable chemistry. However, Hollywood heartthrob James Langford has already laid claim to the striking young actress and tries to stop the budding romance.

Then everything changes at sunrise one morning when Alexandra goes for a run alone in the picturesque Belleisle, New Brunswick countryside. That’s when the man who’s been stalking her for weeks finally makes his move. She must endure the terrifying ordeal of being kidnapped and drugged in this Eastern Canada romantic suspense.



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