Wednesday, August 8, 2012


There is a time between wakefulness and sleep that is known as the hypnogogic time. It is a creative time; some call it the genius state. Did you ever find that an idea came to you, something you've pondered for a while, just as you were falling off to sleep, or just as you were waking up?

No doubt, you think you'll remember it for later, but do you? Most likely, you'll forget the concept and probably forget that you ever had it.

It's a good idea to have a pen and tablet or a hand-held tape recorder near your bed. Then when you get an idea, you'll have a record of it. 
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Born near Pittsburgh, Shirley Martin attended the University of Pittsburgh. After graduating from "Pitt", she taught school for one year, then obtained a position as a flight attendant with Eastern Airlines. Based in Miami, she met her future husband there.  After raising three sons, she devoted her time to writing, something she had always wanted to do.

With a vivid imagination and a love of storytelling, Shirley has always enjoyed writing. Her first published novel, "Destined to Love" reflects her familiarity with western Pennsylvania, where she hails from, and her love of romance writing. From this historical romance, she blossomed out to other romance genres. "One More Tomorrow" is a vampire romance, one her publisher dubbed "a sizzling seller". With several fantasy novels and novellas, her writing should appeal to just about every reader of romance. Her books have been sold at Amazon and most major book stores and have garnered great reviews.

A widow, Shirley lives in Birmingham, Alabama, with her two cats. 

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  1. Shirley,

    Not only have I came to story ideas during this time, and came up with cover designs, but I have also written term papers from a flash that came to me as I woke up in the middle of the night.

    I actually keep a notebook and pen in the bathroom, so that when I get and idea I can go in there and not wake up hubby as I write it down.


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