Sunday, February 10, 2013

What Woman Doesn't Love A Cowboy?

I was sitting on a hard, cold wooden bench, watching a rodeo in Thedford, Nebraska at the time.  This town had been a spot on my usual off-the-tourist radar places I frequent during family vacations.  This was the second time my husband, two young sons and I, had visited the small town and were absorbing the ambiance the western United States offered.  My father,  a fourth-generation Texan, amature rodeoed when he attended high school, so I understood the battering bronc riding had on the body. However, I hadn’t realized how strong the rodeo fan base was outside of the Lone Star State.

Everyone I’d spoken to loved cowboys, though he/she was a cowboy/cowgirl, wanted to become a cowboy, or simply loved the concept of ‘being a cowboy’.
That was when Lynx Maddox entered my life.
What a cowboy! 
With a dangerous reputation for taking chances and tempting, fate, rugged cowboy Lynx Maddox had one goal in life—to win the coveted Silver Buckle rodeo championship.  But when he sets eyes on lovely Rachel Scott, he becomes determined to capture her as well. . .

I hope you enjoy reading my Rodeo Romances.  “Lynx” is Book 1 of the series.
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My own ‘western days’ and photos of my horses.
"Never approach a bull from the front, a horse form the rear, or a fool from any direction,"