Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Actors and Others for Animals by Connie Vines

JoAnne Worley selling
me (Connie) 5-raffle

I would like to believe that every human being on this earth has the desire to make the world a better place during his or her lifetime.  

I have tried to live my life by helping others in need.  Like many of us, I love animals.  I also participate in local community events to benefit children, animals, and to promote the joy of reading.  One fund raising event was held in a family owned theater on October 17 th.  The Kinsion family donated the venue, acted as stage hands and performers for the event, and ensured the night was 'pure theater'! 

This evening of entertainment, "Upland's Got Talent, A Furry Fun-Raiser," hosted by Jo Anne Worley and Fred Willard. Ms. Worley, Rowan and Martin's "Laugh-In", is the Singing President of 
Actors & Others. 

 JoAnne Worley’s instinctive comedic timing and irrepressible laugh, and stage presence is impressive. She, as well as the other members (actors and others) donate their time, talent, and travel the freeways during rush hour to get to these events.  Local vendors donate baskets filled with goodies, gift-cards, and expensive recording and video equipment for the raffle items.  The Kinisons arranged the wine and cheese party before the performance for the patrons.  The billboard and marquee promised: lots of laughs, singing, dancing, surprises and magic!
I had a wonderful evening.  I mingled, made friends, and discovered everyone's story about becoming a member of Actors and Others.  JoAnne Worley spent time interacting with the audience and sold raffle tickets.  Michael Skrzek, tap-dancer on Broadway danced to “Singing in the Rain”.  Jay Johnson & friends (Tony Award-Winning Duo) left us begging for more.  While  Fred Willard and his Sketch Comedy Troupe The MOHO’s, Sherry Kinison and many others gave standing-ovation performances.


While I belong to this non-profit origination,  you may find a similar organization in your local community.

(BTW: I won a raffle prize!  I stopped recording when the person on my left tapped arm and said I was holding the winning ticket.)
 About Actors & Others
It all began in 1971 on one of Los Angeles’ busy freeways. It was on such a freeway that the late actor Richard Basehart and his wife, Diana, watched in horror as someone in the car ahead of them nonchalantly tossed a dog out of the car window to a grisly death. Both Richard and Diana were animal lovers and very aware of the daily cruelties that so many animals endured. Their shock and outrage that day motivated them to gather fellow actors and members of the community together to work to stop such inhumane treatment.
In 1971, our objectives were to provide proper care for and prevent the inhumane treatment and destruction of animals. The common belief of the day was to simply rescue and adopt. Then branched out into other services. By 1979 the services were provided throughout California.  

To find out more about Actors & Others, click:

The Furry Fun-Raiser was a great success!

Visit my website to tweet or post to my blog.  I'd love to hear from readers sharing stories of the good works and community projects projects that benefit others.

Happy Reading,


Taking a curtain bow.
I donated the goodies to my children, grand children, and

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