Friday, January 22, 2016

It’s Freaky Outside This Comfort Zone

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 It’s Freaky Outside This Comfort Zone
Yeah but what a view

This blog is around writing and life in general and why you don’t get what you say you want. Now you probably heard the term, Comfort Zone, before. I always wondered if Comfort Zone meant something to do with a nice cozy couch or snuggling in my warm bed and does being outside of it mean my electric blanket doesn’t work.
I took some personal development courses many years ago and learned many things about myself and what I attract in my life and how I see the world through my unique set of rose-colored glasses that we all have. Even if I don’t wear glasses, nor even like roses. Yeah, sorry I’m not a vegetarian and have been known to snarf down the odd burger and salty deep fried onion rings. Might have to stop for a snack that sounded good with or without the triple yummy sauce, pickles and bacon and melted Applewood smoked cheese. That’s it, never write on an empty stomach. I’ll be back in fifteen.

Burp. Now, back on the topic. Everyone has their own comfort zones around everything they see, do and interact with in life. For some, like the pope, he’d have a huge comfort zone around using the fword and would have a hard time stepping out of it. Where others like Myley Cyrus has very little around strutting around nearly naked on stage in front of thousands of fans and even less on human decency. Don’t even get me started.
                I learned that criminals in a study would pick out the same person time and time again to mug. So while a person doesn’t usually want to get hit over the head and have their wallets stolen, they are attracting it to themselves by the way they portray themselves to the outside world. All about comfort zone. Why do children of alcoholics marry alcoholics? Again comfort zone. While some comfort zones are nice, others are ugly and until I learn what mine are I will attract to me certain things time and time again. I need to become conscious of what it is I’m putting out there and how I want to attract different things into my life.
                I learned many things in the Context Associated series, well worth trying if there’s any in your area. But the most important to writers is this. In today’s world the idea of self-marketing is of utmost importance. Gone are the days of company paid book tours. The internet has changed our lives and while you may get a novel published either via self or through an ebook company it is up to you to do your own marketing. Just ask the aging rock stars of the world. I don’t think you’ll ever see another Bon Jovi or Rolling Stones rock group making hundreds of millions off music sales and doing world tours.
                I’ve been busy learning that I have to step outside my comfort zone and believe in myself and my writings. Just like Ronald McDonald believed once he took off his clown outfit he could cook a mean burger. I’ve been linking, blogging and posting on facebook and lately twitter. Hated twitter, as a writer what can I say in 140 letters? Give me a novel to write and different scenario, Comfort zone. I have to believe that my writing is better than good. It is great and I can and will put myself first and out there. Yes, that is stepping outside of what most insulated writers do. Yup. It’s easy to sit in a room and bang away at typewriter keys, oh sorry another changing thing of the times. How many of those do you think they sold last year? So go ahead and put your foot on the center stage in front of billions, or at least here’s hoping. Get Twittering, Insta whatever, facebooking and using whatever new medium pops up these years. There is the old story of a writer who gave up and filed away his ideas for kids books. Until one of his friends said, after reading the dust collecting book on his shelf. “I think there’s a market for green eggs and ham.”
Make your New Years Resolution as Mrs. Frank’s. I bet her context around comfort zone was stretched when she said, “I put that Sh*t on everything.” Look where that got her.

So get out there and put your books and life in front of the world. 

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