Thursday, January 21, 2016

Prima Doll Card by Cheryl Wright


I will start of this post by telling you a bit about myself - since it's been suggested by my publisher BooksWeLove.

I have been a creative for as long as I can remember, beginning with hand-sketched drawings when I was about eight, and progressing to painting with acrylics at around ten.

I also began writing when I was about ten, after a hippy substitute teacher took over my grade six class for nearly a year. When he arrived, guitar slung over his shoulder, I moved to the back of the classroom. As the weeks went on, I slowly moved closer to the front.

After many months of listening to classical poetry, and learning the stories behind each poem, we progressed to writing our own poetry and then short stories. More time was spent outside the classroom (writing poetry and short stories) than was spent in it.

It was a year of enlightenment for me, and one I will never forget.

By eleven, I was editor of the high school newspaper and began writing non-fiction articles for my local council.  Over the years I have written for national and international magazines, written sales pages for internet sites, as well as undertaking business writing.  (Sometimes you just have to put money on the table.)

Throughout all of this, my love for writing fiction, particularly romantic suspense, has never waned.

In addition to running a website for writers for over ten years, I have been writing coach on a one-to-one basis for several writers. Working as a staff trainer for about twelve years certainly helped in this area. 

On a more personal level, my husband Alan and I recently celebrated 41 years together. We have two adult "children" and six grandchildren, three of whom have lived with us for the past twelve years. It's a challenge at times, but you do what you have to do.

For a little over fifteen years, I have dabbled in creating greeting cards, which I find to be very relaxing. Many a plot problem has been solved in my craft room! I have recently begun art journaling, as well as canvases. (YouTube is a wealth of information for just about any topic!)

On that note, here is a card and canvas I made for my granddaughter's 15th birthday this week.

The image is a Prima Doll, with several different (but similar) images in the range.  Since it was for a teenager, I made sure there was lots of bling and ribbons on this card.

Here is the canvas I made to go with it.

I am very new at canvases, so it's not perfect, and is very basic, but I'm pretty happy with it, and my granddaughter did love it. (And that's the main thing.)

I hope you've enjoyed this card and learning more about me. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you next time!


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