Thursday, March 10, 2016

Troy Seate, new author to BWL, introducing myself

Hello, my name is Troy Seate and I am new to the BWL family. 

After reading a few of my stories, my parents booted me out of the house, but it didn’t stop me.  
I’ve been offered this opportunity to share a few ramblings with all of you. Many writers don't want to be bothered by the real world. It doesn't fit with the world of their words, a world they would rather to be in. I don’t go to this extreme, but I do believe when it comes to the future or the past, everyone writes fiction. 

I like to think of fiction as a mirror version of reality set to a greater or lesser degree of distortion depending on what genre a story is cast. Make-believe can be a great healer. Sometimes it can even save us. Turning words into people and places, and then mining the trivia of daily life to uncover the emotions beneath can sometimes be a difficult task, but it is the essence of what keeps us at it. So I say, wherever your dividing line between fiction and reality falls, keep at it.