Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Unveiling the Emperor's Concubine Song

Romance and Song
Unveiling The Emperor’s Concubine Song.

For those who have not read my latest release, The Emperor’s Concubine, my post-apocalyptic romance, you might be wondering what music has to do with the story. As a romance author music inspires me. When I am writing I always have a song in mind which fits with the theme of my book. For the Emperor’s Concubine my end theme song was, ‘Incredible’ by fellow Canadian Celine Dion and Ne-Yo. It is a very inspiring song and, I must confess, I am a HUGE Celine Dion fan. Alas I have yet to see her in concert, which makes me sad. There is another song that inspired the flowers on the rooftop love scene between my hero Sol and my heroine Ocean that not only inspired it, but made it into the actual book. The song is called A Story Forever and is written and sung by a friend of mine from California, Mike Peralta. Mike is an amazing young up and coming performer and when I heard his song I just had to have it in my book. I am thrilled to say Mike very generously allowed me to use the song. What a sweetheart right? It isn’t the first time I have had a singer/song writer loan me a ballad. Back in Gowan, a 2011 Canadian Juno winner and now lead singer of STYX, loaned me his ballad, ‘Love Makes You Believe’, for my Guilty Kisses’ debut. *Note the book is now republished as The Cracksman’s Kiss.
Anyway, I don’t normally do book trailers anymore, but I felt ‘A Story Forever’ really deserved one as the theme in The Emperor’s Concubine. Check it out. And if you like the song, please give Mike Peralta a little love! Thank you!