Monday, July 25, 2016

Randall Sawka ~ More from Taiwan

As Nancy and I have settled in for the long stay part of our adventure (two months) in Taichung, Taiwan, I have had to tweak my writing habits a bit. The weather is very hot. Every day is in the low to mid 30's Thus, I need to get out and write in the fresh air early in the morning and in the evening after about 7.

This was fine, but Nancy decided not to join me for the evening sessions when winged creatures swooped down on us. Nancy is not a fan of birds getting near. I told her to relax, because the were not bird. They were bands. Unsurprisingly, she dashed indoors and left me to writing in the company of our new friends.

I'm focused on the final rewrite of my next western I have titled Raining Trouble. Seems appropriate with the heavy rains we get most evenings. The thunder and lightening is loud and bright. I suggest it is even stronger than from my youth in Alberta. We knew it was typhoon season but we never expected to have to deal with a category 5 super-typhoon. One came at us last week. We had the food and water stored just in case. It ended up moving south so we did not get drenched. Unfortunately our friends in the south of the island had major damage.

This is super typhoon Nepartak. It means warrior.

So the writing continued until Mother Nature visited us in the middle of the night with a jolting earthquake. no damage but that took us back to life in Victoria.

Overall, life has been great here. People are very friendly and the Chinese food is Chinese Chinese food. We like it very much. Especially the noodle bowls at our favourite restaurant.

I have now acclimatized so we can handle the midday heat for a short period. The humidity is wicked but we knew about it after our last visit here.

Until next time.......Randall Sawka