Monday, July 25, 2016

Books We Love's Tantalizing Talent ~ Author Anita Seymour

Although London born and bred, my inherent interest in history led me to discovering that I am the third generation of Prussian/German immigrants who came to London in 1880. I have always been able to express myself better in the written word than the spoken one, so writing is something I have always done. I had no aspirations to become an author, that evolved through the powers of an online critique group where I learned that maybe my embryo story of a family caught up in the Monmouth Rebellion might be more than a personal exercise. 

Ever since I was a child, I have always loved the historical side of England, where the buildings, rivers and churches retain shadows of the people who once inhabited them. London in particular has a unique atmosphere, and although I don’t believe in ghosts, I enjoy discovering how those who once occupied its streets and alleys used to live, and especially those who lived during the time of the Stuart kings.

The Rebel’s Daughter 

Helena Woulfe, the daughter of a wealthy Exeter nobleman leads a privileged life, however, when rebellion sweeps the West Country, her family is caught in its grip. After Monmouth’s bloody defeat in battle at Sedgemoor, Helena sets off for Somerset to find the three missing members of her family.

With the Woulfe estate confiscated by the crown, Helena and her younger brother Henry hope the anonymity of the capital city will be more forgiving to the children of a convicted rebel. However, Helena finds her search for security and respectability in London are threatened by someone who wishes harm to a traitor's daughter.

The Goldsmith’s Wife

It is 1688 and in London, and Helena has what she always wanted, respectability and security, although her brothers remain a worry - Aaron schemes in Holland with the Prince of Orange to depose the reigning king James II, and Henry carries his own sorrow, pining for another man's wife.

Prince William arrives in England to re-establish the Anglican Church, and when anti-Papist riots break out in London, Helena is forced to flee from her home – again.

While Helena strives to keep what she holds dear, can she and her brothers attain what they desire and above all, will they ever learn the fate of their missing Father, who disappeared after the Battle of Sedgemoor?