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Monday, August 1, 2016

Books We Love's Tantalizing Talent ~ Author Eleanor Stem

Due to an eclectic mind, Eleanor Stem writes stuff that is ‘out there’.  Not X-File stuff but theories like: what precipitated mythology? There had to be a source that caused these stories. What was the true message of prophets before word-of-mouth and time morphed the truths, or were deliberately changed due to the powers-that-be didn’t like something that was written? Those are the type of stories Eleanor enjoys writing. On a more mundane note, Eleanor lives in a small Texas town with her husband and pug mix. 

Miri’s Song is considered an alternative historical fiction. It is the personal story of Magdalene’s spiritual journey after being rescued from death by Joshua the Nazarene.  

The Salt Box is a YA fantasy that explores a world that is pristine, the people gentle. The mass of their bodies are more translucent than the homo-sapiens. They judge another by their auras. Their land is clean. The oceans are of fresh water. A new species comes to their world and through the innocence of a gift, changes everything. 

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