Thursday, June 22, 2017



My birthday yesterday and another year older. Things are going wonky, bits falling off, midsection growing exponentially, print is getting way smaller and is it me or did someone add ten feet to the top of that hill last week. Yeah, I hate getting older.
Also heard that I’m going to be a grandad for the first time. Grandad!!! I’m too young to be a granddad. That only happens to elderly people.
Okay, once the shock wore off I realized, with a sly smile, this is where I can finally get my own back. Spoil the kid rotten, get him wired on six ice cream triple smoothies all topped with lots and lots of chocolate sprinkles, and say there you go, he’s all yours.
            Or of course I could give him some wild night time stories like I did my son. I remember reading storybooks to my son at night and saying this book sucks I can do better.
            I tossed the book aside and said, “Okay give me three things.” Like I learned from one of my creative writing classes. He’d give three crazy things, Donald Duck, Lego and the Incredible Hulk.
I’d come up with some wild storyline and usually instead of putting him to sleep he’d be laughing his head off.
It’s funny how over time one forgets about small things like that. The important things. Okay, age comes with some great memories.
It reminds me of the poster I have hanging up in my writing room with a picture of a man playing with his young boy beside a puddle of water by a curb.

Just think how happy you’d be of you lost everything you have right now.
And then got it back again.
By Anonymous

I think that Anonymous was one smart dude.

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