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Monday, January 8, 2018

Tanayia from Connie Vine - Newest Release from BWL Publishing - Native American Historical


Apacheria, 1880.

Tanayia is alone in the world.  Her village destroyed and her people murdered by a group of revolutionaries who now hold her hostage.  A daring escape on the edge of Cochise’s stronghold saves Tanayia’s life, but she discovers her ordeal is only beginning.

Forced to live in a government run boarding school, Tanayia is stripped of her identity.  The headmistress is bent on destroying Tay, but Jacob Five-Wounds stands in her way.  Jacob urges Tay to run away with him—but diphtheria strikes the school.  Now, Tanayia must make a choice, a choice she knows may cost her both, Jacob and his love.

Editorial Review

“This well-researched novel is taunt with all the tensions and passions of any tale in which the characters are trapped.  That Sister Enid eventually gets her comeuppance (and from a native doctor, too) is only just and satisfying, and an epilogue tells of both the compromises and the triumphs of Tay’s marriage to Jacob Five-Wounds (once a fellow inmate of the school.”  A-!  ~  The McQuark Review

Married with two grown sons, Connie Vines resides deep in the quirky suburbs of southern California. She has published over one hundred short stories and non-fiction articles, ten novels, and has ghost-written two literary novels and one screenplay. The president of GothRom (Gothic Chapter of Romance Writers), Connie participates in local literary events and judges national and international writing contests.


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