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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Rushing Strawberry Season by J.Q. Rose

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Terror on Sunshine Boulevard by J.Q. Rose
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Gardener Ted's answer to getting strawberries sooner.

My dear husband, Gardener Ted, is trying to fool Mother Nature this year. He wants the strawberry plants in our garden to come early, so he erected this unique growing chamber to warm up the ground and get the plants to take off. Michigan springs are rather temperamental having cold days, then having beautiful sunny spring days. 

Close-up of the growing chamber
The plastic keeps the frigid winds away from the plants and helps warm them up when the sun shines. If it's too sunny, he simply grabs the plastic and rolls it up and clips it to the pipes for air to circulate through. 
Strawberry blossoms
Just looking at these strawberries in bloom makes my mouth water for strawberry cake or pie or a bowl of Cheerios topped with the delicious beauties. But, for now, I can only anticipate those sweet treats.

Gardener Ted prefers growing June-bearing berries rather than ever-bearing berries. We get a lot more berries from June-bearing. So, hurry up, June, so we can enjoy strawberries fresh from the garden. Fingers crossed they'll be ready a couple of weeks earlier this year!

Waiting for this season's tasty berries. Yum!
Do you love strawberries? Let us know in a comment below. Thanks for visiting.

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