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A Little History About the Pilgrims and Celebrating the First Thanksgiving on Cape Cod

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Thanksgiving Day is Thursday, November 28 in the USA. The First Thanksgiving was in 1621 when the Pilgrims invited the Wampanoag people to a feast to celebrate the harvest with them. The Pilgrims and their guests came together to enjoy the bounty of their hard work, but most important of all they wanted to express their gratitude and to thank God for the good things in their lives.
The Pilgrims said Thank You!
The idea of a day of Thanksgiving boggles the mind when we realize the trauma and turmoil the Pilgrims went through that first year struggling to develop a colony in the New World. Remember these Pilgrims attempted to make the voyage across the ocean three times in the Mayflower and the Speedwell sailing vessels. 

Making the final decision the Speedwell was unfit for the ocean voyage, they turned back after 300 miles on the ocean and a wasted month and a half on that trip. They unloaded the cargo from the Speedwell and loaded it onto the crowded Mayflower. Many of the passengers left the adventure too tired or sick to start out again.

The Mast of a Sailing Ship
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On September 6, 1620, 102 souls set sail from England. They endured hunger, sickness, death, and frightening storms on an open sea. They couldn't land where they had planned because of strong storms battering them. Rather than sail down the Hudson River to build their homes, they sighted the shores of Cape Cod on November 9. After exploring the area,  they decided to make Plymouth their home. Imagine trying to build a colony in that cold weather. Only half of the Pilgrims survived the winter. 

Wonders of wonders, after all this suffering and loss, they gave us the greatest gift, Thanksgiving! The Pilgrims gave thanks for their blessings on that autumn day in 1621. Their First Thanksgiving is the lesson for understanding that even with so many problems and sadness, it is still possible to say "thank you" no matter the circumstances.

In these difficult times throughout the world, we often dwell on all the bad things that are happening. Problems swirl around us every day making it difficult to take time to reflect and find something good to be thankful for. But sometimes the smallest things are actually the biggest things.

How about
  • a child's smile
  • a hearty laugh at a friend's silly joke
  •  a sunny day
  • a warm cup of coffee or cocoa after coming in from the cold weather
  • a hug?
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Wishing YOU and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Have a great Thanksgivig and kkeep writing

    1. Thank you, Janet. You have a happy Thanksgiving too.

  2. Nice post; we should concentrate on the small things that make life worth living, and be thankful for them.

    1. Diane, I agree. We need to take a moment and inventory our life. Let the good things shine and be thankful.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving for all who celebrate it. We should all have the greatest admiration for the tenacious and brave who settled in new lands.

  4. Yes, Tricia. I cannot comprehend what these courageous settlers had to do to get through such a difficult life, and yet, be thankful for it.


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