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Recipes for Cooking Over the Campfire by J.Q. Rose

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Cooking over the campfire.

Recipes for Cooking Over the Campfire by J.Q. Rose

A few years ago we camped with our daughter Lee Ann and family over the Memorial Day holiday weekend near Stony Lake in West Michigan. Always the "event" planner, she invited our other daughter, Sara, (who is not a camper) and family to join us on Sunday for a fun dinner with Dump Soup as the main entree.

I bet you've heard the folk tale Stone Soup, the story of hungry strangers who convince the townspeople to share a small amount of their food in order to feed everyone. We weren't exactly hungry strangers, and we didn't ask fellow campers to contribute to the soup pot.

Lee Ann coined the term "Dump Soup" because we all brought ingredients to dump into the soup pot. There is NO recipe. That's the fun part. Just whatever is offered is added to the pot. Lee Ann poured in beef broth, beef consomme, and I added mushroom soup as a base for all the other stuff e.g. beans, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, onions, cans of veggies, etc.

All ready to cook over the campfire.
Lee Ann stirred it all together and placed the pot over the campfire for the men to watch while the ladies took a walk. Of course, we came back to check on the progress of the soup. After an hour and one half over the fire, we gobbled down the soup. It was delicious. The soup must have been good because the kids loved it too, especially with lots of crackers.

Another of our family faves for dinner over the fire is "hobo dinner." I've heard it called foil packet dinner too. We spray the foil with vegetable oil, place bacon on the first layer, hamburger or chicken next, and then add whatever fresh veggies you like to the foil e.g. potatoes, carrots, green pepper, onion, butter, and celery.
Ingredients ready to wrap.
Be sure to wrap the packet tightly so the grease doesn't run out. Then place the foil dinners in the coals or on a grate over the fire. Depending on how you cut the veggies and how hot the fire is, the packets need to cook 30--45 minutes. Chicken may take longer. 
PS--This dinner can be cooked on your grill at home too.
Dinner wrapped in foil packets.
Clean-up is easy. Just wrap up the foil and throw it away. THEN it'll be time to roast the marshmallows to make S'mores! But first, you may want to go for a swim or a hike!

What are your easy go-to recipes when having a crowd over to your house or when camping?

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  1. There hasn't been crowds here for years but sloppy joes were always my choice in those days. Keep writing

  2. Love, love, love sloppy joes! An excellent choice to serve a crowd. Thanks for stopping in, Janet.

  3. Ah, we can dream! Thanks for the armchair traveling, JQ Rose!


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