Friday, October 16, 2020

Past Promotions - Looking Back over the Years #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Promotions #Interviews


Past Promotions


Years ago and we’re talking about many of those years, the first promotion I received for a book sale was in the local newspaper, the Butler Eagle where we lived. I was interviewed by a reporter and the article started out with my sale. That took up two lines. Then the post went on to say I was married to Dr. Walters MD. The next two columns were all about him. I still laugh over this. He was so embarrassed.


The second took place in the same town. It was on a local television station, with phone in calls from listeners. The first thing was make-up. Since I’m very allergic, I brought mine and endured. The session was for two hours and I wasn’t sure how to fill the time. The host began by asking me questions about my writing and about selling my first of three books. We chatted about writing and how I moved from short stories to novels. Then the forum was open for questions. I thought no one would call. Surprisingly there were a number of calls. Some were from my friends but there were some serious called. I found I really enjoyed helping others find ways to write their stories. When the two hours ended, I was exhausted. I also found I’d created a problem. Though I’d worn a pants suit and boots, I wore panty hose. When I reached the house, I discovered this woman who had been complimented for being so calm during the interview had ripped out both feet of the hose. I vowed I would never do this again.


Fast forward a few years, probably fifteen. I was once again asked to do a television interview. This was in a town two and a half hours away. Reluctantly, I agreed. This was not a call in show but I was grilled by a man who thought romance wasn’t real literature. I believe I held my side very well and I challenged him to read one of my books and gave him a copy. Not sure if he read the book But a did receive a nice letter saying I had enlivened his evening.


Would I do this again. Maybe.

By the way the first books of all my series are on sale


  1. Wow! Can we add 'television star' to your impressive resume?
    Always great to read the history of our fellow authors. Thanks for sharing, Janet.

  2. What fun ... not for you, for us! You are wonderful, Janet!


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