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Romance in Bloom--The Art of Perfuming by Connie Vines

Fragrance has the ability to transform your entire mood.

And when the one you want to conjure up is romance, a whiff of the right scent will get you there faster than a binge-session of Hallmark movies. From spicy sensual accords to rose-based floral diaries, I've updated a list of 5 of the best fragrances to wear to Announce Spring--or whenever you wish to feel like you're living a fairy-tale!

As many of my readers know, I was a fragrance consultant at a Perfumery for several years. I love to share my acquired 'secrets' in blog posts and novels.  Perfumes, like wines are categorized by 'notes'.

* Remember, perfumes are a personal preference and all fragrance's lingering scent (base note) vary by a person's PH level.

Now, let the fun begin!

1. Ralph Lauren's ROMANCE is designed to hit all the feelings that are associated with falling deep in L-O-V-E, a spritz of this classic and light romantic fragrance treats you to notes like white violet, patchouli, musk, rose, and marigold.

2. Tom Ford's infamous BLACK ORCHID fragrance has become something of a cult icon in the beauty industry.

Not only is it recognizable from just one spritz, but it's also one of the compliment-inducing smells I've ever com across. Smells like: Warm incense spices, creamy vanilla, and heady patchouli.

3.  Lancôme's TRESOR. /The diamond-shaped bottle is one of the most popular fragrances out there. The brand evoked the radiance and warmth of love using floral and fruity notes like rose, lilac, peach, and apricot.

4.  YSL's BLACK OPIUM (one of my personal favorites) smells like: Initially sweet and punchy notes of vanilla and coffee, but dries down to a musky white floral base.

The creamy notes of coffee and vanilla give a non-sticky sweetness that develops into a dry white floral scent, after which you get the base notes of musk and patchouli. It's unique and oh-so moreish, this one will 100% become the most-reached-for in your perfume collection.

5.  Jo Malone London's LIME BASIL & MANDARIN COLOGNE. Smells like: Long Summer Days.

This fresh and zesty scent will have you dreaming of warm summer days with every spritz. Juicy notes of lime and mandarin are balanced with earthy basil and white thyme.

BWL Authors love their gardens, as do many of our readers!

a lovely example of a floral garden

While my garden is no longer produces the lush harvest of fruits and vegetables I planted and harvested during my children's elementary school years, I still maintain a PERFUME GARDEN.

My Perfumed Garden is small because scent can be overwhelming--especially strong scents.

I try to interspace my fragrant garden plants with scentless plants that complement their appearance and by time. Lilacs have a strong scent, but only in late spring. Jasmine is a vine, and therefore, a plant I utilize where ever possible.  And, of course roses and herbs.

The garden brings peace into my life, nourishes my soul, and inspires my creative spirit.

How do I keep Romance in Bloom in my stories?

My upcoming BWL release:

Gumbo Ya Ya--an anthology for woman who like Cajun Romance, Story #2 features Persia, a New Orleans, Louisiana, perfumer and Cooper T. a breeder of Catahoula Leopard Dogs and a Westminster Dog Show favorite handler in "Love Potion No. 9".

You will also discover that the art of perfuming creates complications for this no-longer-together-couple. But love, and, a happily-ever-after is definitely in the air!

Happy Reading and I'll be back here next month!


Teasers, we all love teasers 😄. 

What will you find in my upcoming BWL anthology? 

Five stories in one anthology!  

All set in Cajun Country!

However, until my next release:

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  1. The scents are often memory triggers. Keep writing

  2. Love this post, Connie. I was always fascinated by perfume. Nowadays it seems they all smell alike, but the classics remain. I used many of them in my youth in Paris. Now, I use Obsession, and I keep Shalimar on hand, although it's a "fur perfume" and I live in hot Arizona. I learned not to spritz it on my skin because the bergamot can give you dark spots. Perfume definitely changes my mood.


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