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Life by numbers, by J.C. Kavanagh

The Twisted Climb - Darkness Descends
Book 2 of the award-winning Twisted Climb series

Is it defined by your age?
By your experiences?
By your attitude? 

The Canadian Oxford Paperback Dictionary (yes, I'm a dinosaur) defines 'life' as:
1. the condition which distinguishes active animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, functional activity, and continual change preceding death
2. a) living things and their activity, b) human presence or activity, c) the human condition; existence
3. the period during which life lasts, or the period from birth to the present time or from the present time to death

There are nine more contextual definitions of the word 'life' in this dictionary. So then, what does life mean for you?

Is life for you getting up in the morning, putting in eight hours of work, taking care of kids, doing laundry, making meals, cleaning up, cleaning house, going to bed? Then repeat the next day?
Or is life a struggle - paying bills and groceries on overdraft, dealing constantly with an irritable spouse, having little or no encouragement from your boss/colleagues, and being unable to eyeball oneself in the mirror?

Well, life changes. One day it's good. One day, not so good.

In the last six months, I've been reminded of how fleeting life is. Friends and colleagues have passed away, suddenly. Young people who grew up with my children, now adults, are dying from cancer. Covid too, has claimed so many lives. 

Life is like the paint-by-number kits. Except you paint it yourself: you decide the tone, the colours and contrasts, and you decide your happiness. Your emotions. Your attitude. You pick the number, you paint it. It's what Jayden's dad tells her in The Twisted Climb series. He says, "You are the painter. Make your life a masterpiece."

Some people believe that life is defined by the number of years you've lived. I think it's defined by the number of lives you've touched. Good, bad or indifferent, we make an impact on everyone we meet and interact with.

So if there are numbers involved with life, here are my numbers to live by:
1. Smile because you can; it's contagious
2. Love. Love more. Just love.
3. Laugh, it's music for the soul
4. Be kind - to yourself
5. Be kind - to others
6. Be thankful for what you have
7. Enjoy nature's beauty and majesty
8. Gaze with awe to the heavens
9. Dream
10. Make a difference
11. Never give up
12. Be your masterpiece

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The Twisted Climb - Darkness Descends (Book 2) 
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The Twisted Climb,
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  1. Thanks for sharing, J.C. And we authors also have the privilege to touch our readers through uplifting stories, adding another dimension to our lives.


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