Saturday, September 17, 2022

Dragon - a few of the collection by Janet Lane Walters BWLAuthor #BWLAuthor #dragons #Fyre #Amber Dragon


I have a collection of Dragons, probably fifty or so and they're of many kinds. Four of my stories have dragons featured. Dragons of Fyre, Wizards of Fyre and Children of Fyre are part of a series. Only the first of the series has no dragons. Then there is my favorite dragon, the Amber Dragon found in the collection . The Amber Chronicles. Sort of based on the Princess and the Frog but the princess is the one enchanted. She becomes a small, fat amber dragon. She must find a prince to kiss her to break the spell. A fun story to write.

I decided I'd show a few of my collection here.

This dragon is really a light and is the largest one in my collection. It's several feet tall and wide.

One of my critique group found this stapler and couldn't resist adding this to my collection.

Here is one my granddaughter bought me for my birthday two years ago. The large light was also a birthday gift from her. The restaurant was going out of business and she boughtit there.

This is a lamp that sits near my computer.

This is a clock and sits above my computer. This I found in some magazine that arrived at the house and I couldn't resist.

The final dragon I'm showing today was also a birthday present from Kathy Attalla, who woter for BWL and was one of my best ever friends,

That's all but i hope you all have dragons or something to inspire your writing. Now I must return to my work in progress and whip it into shape. No dragons in this one,


  1. A princess who turns into a dragon? I bet that was fun to write. I'm not into dragons reading, but I have a 8-yr-old who devours chapter book with dragon stories. How old would you say you need to be to read Amber Chronicles? I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing, Janet!

    1. Amber Chronicles is a series of romances with some sexual scenes. Not sure how many are in Amber Dragon. Ir's been ages since I wrote the book. When I have time, I'll look and let you know but I'd say 8 is too young for most of the stories in the collection.

  2. There's something about dragons... love them :)

  3. So many dragons--so little time to tell all their stories! Love your Dragon books, Janet--you create such interesting worlds...


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