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Nancy M. Bell - BWL Author Profile

Nancy M Bell is a proud Albertan and Canadian. She lives near Balzac, Alberta with her husband and various critters. She works with and fosters rescue animals. Nancy is a member of The Writers Union of Canada and the Writers Guild of Alberta. She has publishing credits in poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. For the past three years she has been invited to read her poetry at the Stephan G Stephansson House event Poetry at Stephan’s House.



Kayla Dunbarton is in Las Vegas at the National Finals Rodeo for the sole purpose of promoting the sport of Dressage. She has no intention of getting mixed up with champion bull rider Rob Chetwynd. But circumstances conspire to throw them together and the sexy cowboy’s mix of ruggedness and vulnerability combine to slide past her carefully constructed defenses. Still smarting from a broken romance with a well to do fellow competitor, Kayla wants no part of a romantic entanglement with a rodeo man she’s never going to see after Las Vegas.


A spiteful move by another dressage competitor who is sponsored by the same group as Kayla throws a wrench into things. One ill-advised action, captured on film, threatens to ruin Kayla’s reputation, and could result in the loss of her sponsorship. Rob Chetwynd provides the answer to her dilemma, but is it a risk she’s willing to take with her heart?


Set in the south country of Alberta, Laurel Rowan and her friends become embroiled in some dangerous events. Laurel’s passion for the wild horses of Alberta are featured in Wild Horse Rescue, while in Dead Dogs Talk she stumbles into the world of illegal dog fighting. In this last book of the series, Chance Cullen, Laurel’s childhood friend who has been straying from the straight and narrow must come to terms with the demons that haunt him. He must also come to a resolution about his feelings for Laurel, and hers for him.


Chance Cullen has screwed up royally, and he knows it. He’s alienated his mother and sister, and the girl he’s been in love with his whole life, Laurel Rowan. The lure of alcohol calls him, and in the past, he’s found solace there…for a time. But life keeps blowing up in his face.

Chance desperately wants to be a top bull rider, but he needs a sponsor, and he needs to come to terms with taking responsibility and turning his life around. His abusive dad is in prison for a number of offences, including masterminding a dog fighting ring. Chance’s narrow escape from both the law and the unsavoury characters he got involved with through his father, have left him shaken. In his mind, his greatest crime was putting Laurel Rowan in danger.

He knows she doesn’t feel the same way about him as he does about her, but maybe, just maybe, he can win back her friendship. It won’t be an easy road, but Chance is determined to fight his demons. A cowboy needs to know when to cowboy up and Chance figures this is his time.





 Little did Laurel Rowan know where the discovery of an injured dog would lead her. The dark world of dog fighting rings and the unsavoury characters who surround them are a stark awakening for the Alberta teen. Volunteering at a local animal rescue helps her come to terms with some of the things, but Laurel won’t stop until she’s done all she can to rescue those animals in danger. She’s horrified to find out her childhood friend Chance is involved up to his neck in the mess, but now he’s trying to get out and help Laurel all he can. Trouble is lurking around each corner.







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