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Fictional Towns, Lakes, and Rivers by J. S. Marlo

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One of my friends asked why I like to set my stories in Canada? First, I'm Canadian and I've lived in most provinces, so it's familiar territory. Second, the landscape and weather are as diverse as the country is vast. We experience four seasons and extreme temperatures at both ends of the thermometer. Whatever storyline I have in mind, I can find a place (and the right season) in Canada where to set it.

I may send a character shopping or catching a plane in Halifax or Calgary, but the small town where the story takes place is usually fictional. That way I can build the town to suit the needs of the story, but how do I come up with the names of these fictional towns, and lakes, or rivers?

In Seasoned Hearts, my female protagonist lives in Sparrowsnest, a small southern Alberta town. There isn't any Sparrowsnest anywhere in Alberta, but there's a town named Crowsnest. Crows are birds, so I chose of different bird (in this case, a sparrow), then I ran a search to make sure there isn't an obscure town name after Sparrowsnest.

In Rebelled Hearts (to be released winter 2023), the story takes place in Mooseland, Newfoundland. I named it Mooseland because there are lots of moose. Interestingly enough, there's no deer on the island of Newfoundland, but there's a town name Deer Lake.

I try to give my fictional places believable names, though I discovered there are 90,000 anonymous lakes in Canada. That's lots of lakes with no name. So, what about these names?

- Stoner, British Columbia

- Youbou, British Columbia

- Salmon Arm, British Columbia

- Dead Man's Flats, Alberta

- Vulcan, Alberta

- Mirror, Alberta

- Milk River, Alberta

- Happyland, Saskatchewan

- Drinkwater, Saskatchewan

- Love, Saskatchewan

- Climax, Saskatchewan

- Fertile, Saskatchewan

- Forget, Saskatchewan

- Eyebrow, Saskatchewan

- Finger Lake, Manitoba

- Flin Flon, Manitoba

- Crotch Lake, Ontario

- Punkeydoodle's Corners, Ontario

- Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!, Qu├ębec

- Peekaboo Corner, New Brunswick

- Lobster's Claw, New Brunswick

- Sober Island, Nova Scotia

- Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia

- Happy Adventure, Newfoundland

- Come By Chance, Newfoundland

- Toogood Arm, Newfoundland

- Nameless Cove, Newfoundland

- Witless Bay, Newfoundland

- Dildo, Newfoundland

- Heart's Desire, Newfoundland

- Heart's Content, Newfoundland

- Heart's Delight, Newfoundland

- Snafu Lake, Yukon 

- Cuddle, Northwest Territories

- Igloolik, Nunavut

All these places exist in Canada, with the exception of two. Would you like to guess which two I made up?

The answer will be in the comment section tomorrow. 

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  1. Enjoyed your way of naming. I'm not going to guess but that's just me. There is a town in PA called Intercourse, though. I've enjoyed your books

    1. I figured there would be an Intercourse somewhere in the world LOL

  2. Great names all around, real or fictitious. In my medieval series based on Celtic legends, Curse of the Lost Isle, I used real names of real places, since the stories are part of the local folklore. I also came up on juicy names, like devil's bridge, and the forest of Broceliande, yes, that one, Merlin's magic forest. It's a real forest in Brittany. I've been there.

  3. Great blog, J.S! Only in Canada, eh? I thought Stoner, B.C. might be a fictional name, but noooo, it is so very appropriate for B.C. I can only guess Cuddle in the Northwest Territories as fictional. The second one?

    1. The second fictional one is Lobster's Claw, NB :)

  4. The two fictional towns are: Lobster's Claw, NB, and Cuddle, NT


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