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Is it an 'Eww' or an 'Aww,' by J.C. Kavanagh


A Bright Darkness,
Book 3 of the award-winning Twisted Climb series

I recently found the tooth fairy pillow that my 'other' mother, Eva, made several decades ago for my first-born. Eva loved crafts and was always keeping herself busy with knitting or sewing or discovering a 'new' craft she hadn't mastered. No 'idle hands' as Karla Stover wrote in a recent BWL blog.  

But back to the tooth fairy pillow. My beautiful first-born child, Miriam, her family and Zeus the Airedale-terrier, came for Christmas. Such a delightful time we had! After opening our gifts, I waited for just the right moment to resurrect it. I made a grand entrance and then presented the wee pillow as if it were a priceless treasure. "This was your mom's tooth fairy pillow," I explained.

"Awww," was the initial reaction from my two granddaughters.

Tooth Fairy pillow, made with love by my 'other' mother, Eva

The positive reaction was quickly replaced with an "ewww" when the girls pulled out the pocket's contents.

My daughter's baby teeth

"Eww! Why are you saving these?" the girls cried out. My daughter's face also echoed the question.

I thought quickly. "Perhaps for a necklace or bracelet?"

The 'ewws' got louder and more boisterous.

I guess that's a big, fat NO for teeth jewellery, I thought.

I tucked the tiny teeth back into the pocket. It seemed I was the only one having the 'awww' reaction. Truth is, I had forgotten the teeth were still saved in the little pocket.

But an Instagram post has given me a great idea on how to best use those pearly whites.

Yes, a creative father hand-carved various animals that he felt represented the personalities of his adult children. He then inserted the baby teeth. Is that not the best gag gift ever?

Just wait till next Christmas. 

But don't wait till next Christmas to read A Bright Darkness, Book 3 of the award-winning Twisted Climb series. Available now at your favourite book retailer!

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A Bright Darkness, Book 3 of The Twisted Climb series
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  1. This is hilarious! I have saved my horses' teeth too when they lose one for whatever reason. I honestly don't know why. Maybe because it's the one part of them that will last forever. Happy crafting!

    1. Thanks Julie! Imagine the gag gift you could make with those 😂

  2. Enjoyed the post. In my house, the tooth fairy took the tooth and left money. The teeth were gone.

    1. Yes, teeth were replaced with money but this tooth fairy, (me), thought it would be clever to save them. Bring on the gag gifts 😉

  3. Fun story. I had never heard of a tooth fairy pillow. What a cute idea. Thanks for sharing.

  4. OMGosh, LOL! Hilarious tale.


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