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Is it Winter if it's 70 degrees outside?


Windmaster by Helen Henderson
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The holiday specials are over and the decorations are packed away. A new year has begun full of promise. And with it comes a lot of questions. Should I pledge to lose fourty pounds? No! I don't want to set myself up for failure. But I will return to the Rock Steady Therapy Program as a volunteer. Maybe I should rearrange furniture or find a place for everything that was disrupted by the holidays.

A risk of cleaning out is deciding to toss something,
then changing your mind.

The decision has been made. Cleaning out for a more minimalist home is a goal for the year. The house looks neater, just don't open certain closet doors as they haven't been worked on yet. The year is young and there is plenty of time to sort, repack, and donate unused things from the back of the closets.

Cold weather and a rare white Christmas for this southerly part of the state fueled an urge to donate unused clothing and books, and recycle dead electronics. However. Mother Nature can be fickle. The temperature hit 70 degrees effectively ending the enthusiasm. The warm weather lasted for a week. Now it has decided to become a ping-pong game. High 60 degrees one day, and then below-freezing nights with daytime highs of only 35 or 40 make for a crazy time. Is it really winter when it is 70 degrees outside? 

This (snow melted the next day) or
that (days of shovelling)?

Don't miss winter in my northern home.
The amount of snowfall wasn't that large in terms of inches, but after plowing and drifting, the end result demanded tossing shovel fulls over your head.

A question heard recently while experiencing a deluge was, "At least is isn't snow." The speaker watching water rush down her street didn't understand why someone might be against snow. The above image is an explanation. And it isn't just moving the pile once or twice, or even three times. At one point, you may get so tired of the town plowing snow back into the driveway that you stand at the end of the driveway so that they don't push the entire street's worth of snow where you just shoveled.

Winter at a favorite writing spot.
At night, snowmobilers made donuts out on the ice.

In my fantasies, I like to use weather. Snow can be an effective setting. Lady Ellspeth and Lord Dal experienced a freezing trip through the mountains before taking refuge in a cavern in Windmaster.

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~Until next month, stay safe and read. 


Helen Henderson lives in western Tennessee with her husband. While she doesn’t have any pets in residence at the moment, she often visits a husky who have adopted her as one the pack. Find out more about her and her novels on her BWL author page.



  1. Here in central Arizona, 70 degrees is winter weather, literally. But we do feel the unusual climate wave. We've had lots of rain, not that we are complaining, and piles of snow in the mountains just north of Phoenix. We are not used to driving in this kind of weather. We feel bad for California with all the flooding. But we try to see the silver lining. The water levels in Arizona are rising a little. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Here, the temphas bounced from 7 degrees to 55 in a matter of days. There is so many fewer snow days than I remember as a child. Keep writing


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