Wednesday, January 18, 2023

One of My Favourite Hobbies by Nancy M Bell

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I have a few hobbies, anyone who knows me will know horses are a huge part of my life. They have been my sanity, my salvation and my love from a very young age. I also am involved in animal rescue and fostering for a Calgary animal rescue. But on top of that I love to do cross stitch. I have a pile of framed cross stitch projects as a result of the Covid winters. There's something so engrossing about matching the pattern to the threads and seeing the picture come to life in all that glorious colour. It takes my mind off any problems that may be occurring in my life or stresses that are so much a part of everyday life in this day and age. While my husband watches TV shows or sports I can sit happily and listen with one ear while still paying total attention to the project taking shape on my embroidery hoop. 

My subject matter is varied, sometimes Celtic knot patterns, horses, bunnies an tulips, some poppies and even a red dragon. Currently, I am almost finished with a fawn standing in tangled grasses under autumn trees. Once that is done I am hoping to embark on a huge project, much more complicated than what I've done before. It's a standing stone with a raven sitting on top which measures 21.64 inches by 28.57 inches and involves many colours that are very similar to each other. A challenge for sure.   Wish me luck!

This is the start of a Wysoki pattern  Frederick the Literate 







  1. Creative people often have many outlets! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work, Nancy!

  2. Sounds like an intriguing project. Good luck and happy writing

  3. You have many talents. I'm a city girl, not familiar with horses, but I love cats, and I like the little kitten on the bookshelf. I also find crafts are good to free the mind to roam and be creative. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Those are all so beautiful! Oh the time. That white horse in the flowers is so detailed. And the horse with the cock-eyed ear? Precious! I used to cross stitch ALL the time. A windswept Santa. A basket of flowers. Lots of gifts for family and friends. You've inspired me to attempt my (probably) last one - winter cabin under the Northern Lights. Thank you for that.

  5. All beautiful, especially the horses and the kitty. I have always made things on my sewing machine but never seem to have the patience for needlework of any kind.


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