Monday, March 13, 2023

Maple Sugar Moon

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Here in Vermont, we are into Sogalikas, the Sugar Maker Moon, fourth in the lunar year. The Abenaki people say that they learned of a delicious treat from the red squirrel nation. Squirrels nip off the end bud of a maple twig and drink the sap flow from the tip at this time of year. The Abenaki were quick to imitate Brother Squirrel!

Now we boil down the sap in sugar houses all over Vermont. It’s a festive time of visiting and telling stories around the fires.

March is also the month to celebrate all things Irish— literature, song, dance and history, myth and legend. What rich heritage we can draw on from both the first peoples and the many immigrants, rich with their own stories, who came to our shores!


  1. Maple syrup time. Once when my children were young, we visited my mother in Vermont and went to a local maple sugar plant and had a chance to participate. Keep writing

    1. Thanks for the memory, Janet! Love Maple sugaring time!

  2. Love Maple syrup. Thanks for sharing this interesting bit of information. Squirrels know best.

    1. Haha! Indeed, Vijaya! The nutrias are full of wisdom!

  3. Squirrels and maple sugar - I didn't know! Thanks for sharing, Eileen :)

  4. I remember driving through Vermont at this time of year and seeing all the taps in the maple trees. I love maple! I didn't know about the Abenaki and the squirrels. How cool!


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