Thursday, May 4, 2023

Character Inspiration #2: JOURNEY by Julie Christen

This month I'd like to honor the memory of my friend Holiday who was the inspiration for Paisley Noon's (of Nokota Voices) knight in shining armor. Journey.

From his beacon star, to his impossible endurance, my Missouri Fox Trotter was as much a character in real life as he continues to be at Forever Fields farm. 

Here's a list of things to know about Holiday. And you can get to know him even better as Journey in Nokota Voices.

1. He was afraid of cows and propane tanks.
2. He never met a treat he didn't like.
3. He had delicate legs.
4. He purred.
5. He fell asleep while being groomed.
6. He could be brave, but water, tree stumps and big rocks were scary.
7. His trot made my butt wiggle.
8. His canter felt like a rocking chair.
9. He came to me superbly trained.
10. He led without a rope or halter.
11. He gave me many a white-knuckle ride.
12. He was a very good patient - took his medicine like a champ.
13. He was oh so sensitive and could calm other horses down.
14. He was a good teacher.
15. I could count on him.

I wonder how long it will take for me not to think of him Every. Single. Day.

(My Tribute)

 He waited…
… for the warm spring sun to thaw the earth.
… to decide that the new kid would be good enough for me.
… to make sure he’d taught me everything, especially the impossible lesson.

After 31 beautiful years (18 as my trail partner), 
Holiday journeyed to the Rainbow Bridge.
I told him I wouldn’t be able to meet him there for quite some time, 
but if we could go for a trail ride when I do, 
well …
that would be lovely.



  1. Sounds like a real partner for all those eyars. Mine was a twenty year old Maine Coon Cat. Keepwriting

  2. What a lovely tribute to a special companion. Thanks for sharing.


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