Sunday, November 20, 2022

London here we Sheila Claydon

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I always try to tie-in my monthly blog content with one of my books. Admittedly sometimes the link is a bit tenuous but I usually manage it. So what is it this time. Well to discover the detail you will have to read the third book of my When Paths Meet trilogy, Saving Katy Gray. And although all three books stand alone, to truly understand that means reading Mending Jodie's Heart and Finding Bella Blue as well!! Just kidding of course, but there is a link, right at the end of the book when Katy changes her job to something she really wants to do.

How does this tie-in with London? It's because I'll be there soon with my 8 year old granddaughter who, you might remember from a previous post, is staying with me for 3 months while her parents move jobs, home and school from Hong Kong to Singapore. Actually her Dad is here too but working online from my study, so much of of the time it's like having her here on her own.

She has settled in so well it seems as if she was always here even if, sometimes, my energy levels are tested! Online lessons are going well, she has made friends with local children, and the dog is her new best friend. They are inseparable, which is lovely to see but it will be sad for both of them when she eventually leaves for Singapore. Before then, however, we have our visit to London.

First we will be visiting extended family who live close to London, most of whom have never met her. Then it's on the train to central London where we are lucky enough to have access to an apartment for the 5 days we will be there. Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, the River Thames, The Tower of London are all factored in. Then there are the museums. For some unaccountable reason my granddaughter wants to visit the War Museum. Then her big cousin, who will spend a day with us wants to take her to the Natural History Museum, and her Mum says we should take her to The British Museum. We want to see a show as well....but what one? What would an 8 year old enjoy best? Mathilda? The Lion King? Aladdin? 

I used to work in London so know it well but I must admit to looking forward to seeing it through the eyes of an eight year old. What will fascinate her, what will she see that the adults in the party will ignore until she starts asking questions? I can feel another book coming on...but not until she is back with her parents in Singapore and I have had a long, long rest:)

London seems to be a theme. Here are two more of my books that are partly set in the city.




  1. London should be lots of fun for an eight-year-old, especially around the holidays. Wishing you lots of future memories with her during that trip.

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