Sunday, November 13, 2022

Stick Season

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 Welcome to Stick Season here in Vermont!

What is it? It's that time when the leaves have left the trees but the snow has yet to visit.   Inexact, to be sure, like our maple sugaring season...more dependent on Mother Nature than on the calendar. 

Stick Season in Vermont is a time of transition. The days are shorter, the nights are colder. We start to nest indoors. It's time for contemplation, for walks among the downed leaves.

For me, it's a great time for cooking up plots for future novels, for trying to understand my characters and stories of books in progress, while enjoying our landscapes, transformed to an almost black and white beauty of bare limbs and grey skies letting us know that winter is on the way.


  1. Not stick season here yet though the trees have finally started to change colors. Enjoy plotting new books

  2. Stick season is a new term for me. It does explain the landscape perfectly. In Michigan too. Lovely photos.

  3. Gorgeous pictures. Thanks for sharing. Here in central Arizona the trees keep their leaves, but jut North in the countryside, there is a stick season.

  4. Beautiful pictures. They actually made me sigh. Oh, how a peaceful walk down an autumn lane can draw out some creativity!

  5. Awesome pics. Thanks for sharing, Eileen!


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