Friday, January 6, 2023

Sleep Over at the Library, Anyone? by Eileen O'Finlan


Has anyone ever told you to picture your "happy place?" They want you to imagine a spot where you feel perfectly comfortable, tranquil, and at home. When I picture my happy place, one image that often comes to mind is my town library. Only in my imagining, I'm the only one there. I'm sitting in one of the comfy chairs in the section they have set up to look like a living room. I've got a mug of hot cocoa topped with mounds of whipped cream on the table next to me, my cat lounging nearby, and the whole library all to myself. In this fantasy, it's winter. The untrodden snow is piled up outside while a toasty fire crackles in the fireplace. I can read as much and for as long as I want completely undisturbed. Paradise!

As is probably obvious, I have a deep love for books and libraries. I'm especially fond of the old libraries often found in small towns. I recently had the thought that it would be fabulous if someone would turn an old library into a B&B, one where you can kind of camp out in the library. The thought was so delicious, I decided to Google it because, you know, if a thing exists, you'll find it on Google.

Sure enough, there are such places! Be still my heart! 

Here are a few I found especially inviting:

And this one in my beloved Vermont!

If you're reading this blog, you probably love books and libraries, too, so why not consider a library get away! Happy reading!


  1. Enjoyed your post. When young, my dream was to be locked in the National library with all those books. Keep writing

  2. What a dreamland setting for a dream vacation. I think, in my vision, I'll make sure all of my favorite books are in easy arms reach. They'll surround me like old friends. Thank you for the cozy getaway idea!

  3. Definitely a reader's paradise. But, of course, it wouldn't be complete without a cat. Thanks for sharing.


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