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A War of Words by Vanessa C. Hawkins



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You ever hear of a word war? If your familliar with Nanowrimo or national novel writing month, then you probably have. Word wars are like the Olympics of writing, minus the spandex. They're a turbo boost for productivity, turning procrastination into a distant memory faster than you can say "writer's block." It's like a battle royale, but instead of wielding swords, we're armed with laptops and caffeine-fueled determination.

Not a word war... though accurate.

Imagine a room full of writers, all clacking away furiously on their keyboards, eyes wide with the thrill of the chase for word count supremacy. It's a frenzy of creativity, where the only rule is to write like the wind and pray your spellcheck doesn't fail you.

A real life depiction of a room of writers...

And let's not forget the camaraderie! Word wars are the ultimate bonding experience, where fellow writers become comrades-in-arms, cheering each other on through the highs and lows of the literary battlefield. Plus, there's nothing like the sweet taste of victory when you emerge with the highest count!

So far, word wars have gotten me through a few writer's blocks. Nothing beats a bit of competition, though I usually always lose... Lately I have been trying to turn by brain down a notch. Stop overthinking everything I write down and just get it on paper so I have something to work with during the editing phase. But I got to wondering if its only me who struggles. Obviously not.... but what do you do to get through blocks and obstacles? Wait till it passes, and hope the time is short, or power through it?

Surely some one else can relate, right? 


  1. Don't go to war., you'll be in one when the characters and plot fight

  2. I prefer taking my time to write. The only time I did Nanowrimo, I ended up with a terrible draft with so many problems I had to throw it away and start over. I'll take quality over quantity anytime. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I usually just go with the flow... if the characters don't 'speak,' then I edit. Always ends up that I write 'on target' after editing the previous chapter or scene.

  4. Yes I'm a slooooow writer. Like JC, if nobody is speaking, it's time for a hiatus. But I salute your courage and creativity!


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