Thursday, March 7, 2024

Creating a Home Library - A Labor of Love, Part 2 by Eileen O'Finlan


In my February 7th post I wrote about how I was turning an unused room in my house into a long-desired home library. Good news - it's finished!

It was indeed a labor of love in more ways than one. I mentioned last month, how much I love being surrounded by my books. The other "love" part of this labor is that the room in question used to be my mom's bedroom. We lived together since shortly before my dad passed away in 1996. About three and a half years ago my mom had to move to a nursing home because of rapidly increasing dementia. She died on December 16, 2024. During the time she was in the nursing home I didn't do much with her room. Mostly, I just kept the door shut because I couldn't bear to look at her empty bedroom. 

Before Mom went to the nursing home, when she was still enough in her right mind, she and I talked about what would become of her room after she passed away. She was open like that. Talking about her own passing didn't bother her. Mostly, she wanted to know that the people she left behind would be alright. During one of those conversations, I broached the idea of turning her bedroom into a home library. At first she didn't say anything and I was worried that she didn't like the idea which was a surprise to me since she loved books and reading almost as much as I do. When I asked if she objected, she said, "No. I think it's a wonderful idea. I was just thinking that I wish I would be here to see it."

So, Mom, this library is in your honor! I truly believe that as I was creating it she was watching over my shoulder and nodding approvingly. If her gentle spirit is a presence in my new library, it will be a blessed place.

    Table for doing research for novels                            Reading nook


Mom's shelf with her diploma in elementary education from the University of Vermont, 
her graduation program, and her name plate


  1. What a wonderful idea. Your mother would love how it turned out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Enjoy your new library. Been downsizing by kids requests. Found a local library that will take hardback books. If they don't need them, they will pass them along to other libraries. Since many of my books were my husbands and medical and psychiatriac centered. I'm sure other pleces will love them. I'm sure your mother has seen your new library

  3. Such a warm and cozy room! Well done, Eileen. Your mom is surely smiling :)


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